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Start using Tabnine Enterprise

Make sure you've installed the Tabnine for Enterprise plugin and that you’re signed in to your Tabnine team within your IDE.
Now it’s time to start using Tabnine AI Assistant to help you with various daily development tasks!
AI code completions
As you code in your IDE, you’ll get AI code suggestions based on your current context. The code completions adapt to your code as you type, and can offer code completions on the fly, full function completions, or even natural language comments to code.
Tabnine’s code completions can help save significant time and effort when you’re writing or revising code. For example, by writing lines of code for you or by providing exact syntax, saving you the time and effort of looking it up when you can’t remember something.
Tabnine Chat (beta)
Tabnine Chat is a code-centric chat application and runs in the IDE, and allows you to interact with Tabnine’s AI models in a flexible free-form way, using natural language.
With Tabnine Chat, you to basically ask any question regarding code: generate a code that performs a specific task, generate tests for a given code, generate documentation for an existing code, explain what an existing code is doing etc.
Last modified 3mo ago