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Inviting users to your team

Only admin users can invite other members and admins
As previously discussed in other articles, Tabnine's authorization system is based on creating user teams. To use Tabnine, you must be a part of a Tabnine team within your organization.
As an admin, your first step in onboarding users is to invite them to Tabnine. To begin, navigate to the Teams page in the admin console.
Each user must be part of a team, so first select an existing team from your organization in the Team dropdown (for more information on managing teams, refer to Managing and organizing your teams).
Click Invite users to this team, and the following pop-up will appear.
Invitations can be shared in one of the following ways:

By email invitation

In order to invite users by email, Tabnine's email configuration should be successfully set up to use your organizational SMTP solution
On the Invite admins and members screen displayed above, input the email addresses of the individuals you'd like to invite and assign them a role. For more information on role functions and permissions, refer to Roles in an enterprise.
Bulk invite tip
Inviting multiple users is simple: Just enter multiple email addresses in the email field, separated by commas. Ensure you've selected the appropriate role before sending the invitations. It is also available for the SaaS solution (admins only).
Once you're done, click Send invitations, and the invitations will be sent via email to the invited team members.
Using an invitation link makes onboarding to Tabnine straightforward for users in your organization:
  1. 1.
    The admin copies the invitation link from the Invite admins and members screen and sends it to the organization members
  2. 2.
    The recipient clicks the link to sign up for Tabnine, installs the Tabnine Enterprise plugin in their chosen IDE and logs in through the plugin.
Note: When using the invitation link, recipients must use an email address that contains the organization's domain to join a team.
A more detailed step-by-step guide of how to onboard on the different supported plugins can be found in the End user guide.
Invitation links can only be used to invite team members To invite additional admins to Tabnine, please use a specific email invitation (see join by email invitation)
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