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Roles in an enterprise

This article describes how Tabnine Enterprise Server's Authorization roles are managed.

Roles in the Tabnine system

There are two types of Tabnine roles:


A team member is a user that's authorized to use Tabnine within your organization. To become a team member, a user must be part of one of Tabnine's teams defined in your organization.
A user can join one of the Tabnine teams by accepting an invitation that's generated via email invitation or invitation link.


A team admin is a team member who's also allowed to invite other users to join Tabnine.
In addition to being a team member who can use Tabnine, admins can also perform the following actions:
  • Full access to admin console:
    • View Tabnine team members inside the admin console.
    • Invite users to join Tabnine (as members or admins)
    • Remove users from Tabnine
    • Create new teams
    • Delete new teams
    • Extract usage reports
Last modified 3mo ago