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Getting started

Welcome to Tabnine Enterprise (Private installation) Docs
Tabnine Starter, Pro, & Tabnine Enterprise (SaaS) users should refer to this guide

About Tabnine Enterprise

Tabnine Enterprise has been built to help software engineering teams write high-quality code faster and more efficiently, accelerating the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).
By using Tabnine Enterprise, developers can benefit from contextual code suggestions that boost productivity by streamlining repetitive coding tasks and producing high-quality, industry-standard code.
Tabnine’s code suggestions are based on Large Language Models that are exclusively trained on credible open-source code with permissive licensing.
Moreover, with Tabnine Enterprise, developers have the flexibility to run the model on-premise or in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), ensuring full control over their data and infrastructure while leveraging the power of Tabnine to comply with enterprise data security policies.

Getting started

You can deploy and host the Tabnine Enterprise Server in your own data center or a supported cloud provider.
Before you begin, you should review the system requirements for running Tabnine Enterprise.
You can also review different architecture and deployment options in the Tabnine Enterprise Server Overview and Architecture section.
To get started with the Tabnine Enterprise server, follow these steps:
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