What's new? (May 2024)

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May 23, 2024

Version 5.6 is here!

A new version of Tabnine's private installation is here. Learn more

May 16, 2024

OpenAI GPT-4o is now available on Tabnine Chat

We’re thrilled to announce that GPT-4o — the newest and fastest model from OpenAI — is now available on Tabnine Chat. You can use the GPT-4o model to power the full capabilities of Tabnine Chat, including code generation, code explanations, documentation generation, AI-created tests, and more. Additionally, when using the GPT-4o model, Tabnine Chat delivers highly personalized recommendations by utilizing the context from locally available data in your IDE. The GPT-4o model is available to all Tabnine Pro users at no additional cost. We plan on making the GPT-4o model available for Enterprise users in the near future.

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