Managing your team

This section explains how to manage your Tabnine organization, authorization, and authentication.

Logging into Admin Console

Once installed, your instance already has your first admin user set up.

The first admin's user name is set according to the email provided in the installation process (referred to as "first admin user" during setup).

To retrieve the initial password for the first admin user, run the following command on your Kubernetes cluster:

kubectl -n default get secret default-password --template=‘{{.data.password | base64decode }}

Once you get the initial password:

  1. Enter your Tabnine instance URL in your browser.

  2. Login to Tabnine using your username and password:

Make sure you change the first admin user password, since the initial password can be viewed by anyone using the above command.

To change your password, click the Forgot your password? link.

Setting up your organization

To achieve the full potential of your Tabnine Enterprise Server, we recommend reviewing the following documentation:

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