Pause (snooze)

Available in VS Code, JetBrains plugins, Visual Studio & Eclipse

Pause code completions (snooze)

To pause Tabnine code completions, use the Snooze command.

Snooze/resume Tabnine's code completions

Click on the Tabnine logo on your IDE's status bar.

  1. The following notification appears:

  1. Click Snooze Tabnine (1h).

  2. The Tabnine logo will change to disabled mode and you won't get code completions for the next hour:

Resume code completions

  1. To resume Tabnine's code completion before the snooze period ends, click again on the Tabnine logo.

  2. In the following menu click, Resume Tabnine:

Change the Snooze interval

Currently only available in VS Code

  1. Open the VS Code Settings editor: (i) Navigate to File > Preferences > Settings or (ii) Use the Command Palette with Preferences: Open Settings.

  2. In the search settings, type Snooze:

  1. Set the new Snooze Duration (in hours):

  1. The next time you snooze Tabnine, you'll see the new value:

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