CSV-based reports (V2)

This feature is available for teams using Tabnine Enterprise (private installation). When using the Tabnine Enterprise (SaaS) option, the customer admin receives periodic reports via email. For more details, contact your Tabnine account manager.

The following CSV reports are available since version 5.7.0.

For CSV reports in older versions, click here.

Some of the raw data for the usage report can be exported by the admin to a CSV-based report:

Exporting the CSV-based report

  1. Go to the Tabnine management console and sign in as an admin.

  2. Select the scope for the reports: All Teams (organization level) or for a specific team.

  3. Click Export usage report for all teams (or for a specific team).

  1. A report.zip file containing the reports is downloaded. The All Teams report also includes a team folder with a separate .zip file for each team:

Report.zip structure

In version 5.7.0, the visual and CSV reports were upgraded and improved. The change included updated terminology, additional data points, and different definitions.

The new CSV reports appear under a folder called "V2" (at all team levels and for each team).

If you have version 5.7.0 or newer, only use the reports in the V2 folder. Temporarily, all the old CSV files are kept but should be ignored.

Reports in Version 5.7.0 or higher

This section refers to CSV reports in the V2 folder (on the organization or a specific level), which was introduced in version 5.7.0.

All other CSV files from earlier versions still included in the reports .zip will become obsolete soon.


This is a short textual summary overview for all teams (or for specific teams).

The data in the overview is based on these definitions and is consistent with the data shown in the admin UI.

//overview.txt example:

Account Overview

Current registered users: 211
    Users who have ever Connected to the IDE: 56
    Users who have used code completion or chat at least once: 50

Current users with pending invitations: 70
Current deactivated users: 36

Active users (Users who performed at least one code completion or chat interaction):
    In the last 7 days: 3
    In the last 30 days: 23

Usage Overview:

All time:
    Total number of Completions: 4148
    Total characters completed:  229582
    Code completions Automation factor: 29.48%
    Total number of Chat interactions:  1491

Last 30 days:
    Total number of Completions: 872
    Total characters completed:  41330
    Code completions Automation factor: 29.48%
    Total number of Chat interactions:  311


This CSV file contains a summary of the current status and usage history of each user for all teams (or for specific teams).

The CSV contains a single row per user, including invited or deactivated users.

The data in the CSV file is based on these definitions and is consistent with the data shown in the admin UI.

  • User Identifier

  • User Name

  • Email

  • Current Team

  • Current Role: Admin or Member

  • Verified: Yes (=the user has not completed an email verification) or No

Status-related data (learn more)

  • Status: Invited, Registered, Connected, Used or Deactivated

    Note that Connected and Used users are registered users, and a Used user is also connected.

  • Deactivated: Yes (=status is Deactivated) or No

  • Last Deactivated on: If a user is deactivated, the last deactivation date (a user can be deactivated and activated a few times)

  • Invited by email on: The date on which the user has been invited by email (regardless of their current status) or is empty otherwise

  • Registered on: The sign-up date of this user (empty of users in status=Invited, since by definition, they have not registered yet)

  • First & Last connected to the IDE on: The first or last date the user connected to the IDE (or empty if the user has never connected)

  • First & Last used on: The first or last date the user used Tabnnine (i.e., completed at least one chat interaction or code completion; empty if the user has never used Tabnine)

Usage Data

  • Languages: The different languages that the user has used with Tabnine (all-time)

  • IDEs: The different IDEs that the user has connected to Tabnine (all-time)

  • All Times Number of devices: The number of different devices that the user connected to Tabnine from (if the user has ever connected)

Usage for "All Times" or "Last 30 Days" time frames:

Each of the following data points has two columns with different timeframes:

  • Total number of completions: The total number of code completions accepted by this user

  • Total chars completed: The total number of characters in the code completion accepted by this user

  • Automation Factor: The automation factor for the user based on their code completion activity

  • Total number of chat interactions: The number of times the user triggered Chat (chat interactions)

  • Total number of chat consumption: The number of times the user used a chat answer (Useful chat interactions)

  • All Times chat copy code consumption: The total number of copy code useful chat interactions

  • All Times chat consumed characters: The total number of characters in the copy code useful chat interactions by this user

Reports before version 5.7.0

All the CSV files outside the V2 folder should be regarded as deprecated and kept temporarily in the transition period for reference.

Learn more about the deprecated CSV reports

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