Deleting PII data of a deactivated user

Available from version 5.7.0

Admins can anonymize deactivated users and completely delete their PII data. This is useful when an employee is leaving the company, and the company is required by regulation not to retain the employee's PII data.

The anonymization of a user is only applicable to deactivated users, and once performed, it is irreversible, and it is no longer possible to reactivate the user.

The user's usage data remains and can appear in some reports.

Anonymize a deactivated user

  1. Sign in to the Tabnine console as an admin.

  2. Go to the User Management page.

  3. Select the deactivated user whose PII data you want to delete and click on the three-dot menu on the right.

  1. Click Anonymize.

  1. In the following popup, confirm and process by clicking Anonymize.

The user's PII data has been deleted. The user now appears as an anonymous user and cannot be reactivated.

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