Getting the most from Tabnine Chat

What is Tabnine Chat?

Tabnine Chat is a code-centric chat application that runs in the IDE and allows developers to interact with Tabnine’s AI models in a flexible, free-form way, using natural language.

Tabnine Chat also supports dedicated quick actions that use predefined prompts optimized for specific use cases.

Common use cases for Tabnine Chat

Getting started

To start using Tabnine Chat, first launch it in your IDE.

Then learn how to interact with Tabnine Chat, for example how to ask questions or give instructions.

Once you receive your response, you can read, review, and apply it within your code.

Getting the most out of Tabnine Chat

As with any other AI tool, it's important to understand what can be expected from Tabnine Chat, and how to interact with it for the best possible results.

Tabnine Chat is all about code

Tabnine Chat has been trained mainly on open source code with an additional set of English-language data to support the chat interaction in natural language.

This means that Tabnine Chat:

  • Was designed to answer code-related issues

  • Provides the best results when the questions and context look like real code

  • Wasn't designed to answer questions about general knowledge or emotions

Help the AI to focus

Another important aspect is that Tabnine Chat, like similar AI tools, is backed by an LLM model that can take large input and return a long answer. In most cases, you want to receive a focused answer.

The best way to keep the Tabnine AI focused is to follow these best practices:

  • Use detailed and specific prompts.

  • Use specific context.

  • Use different conversations for different tasks and topics.

  • Try a step-by-step approach to solving a larger problem.

Didn't get the response you wanted?

Here are some tips:

  • Try asking a slightly different question or providing more detailed instructions.

  • Make sure you've selected the relevant code before you ask a question.

  • Consider opening a new conversation (with a fresh chat history).

Getting started with Tabnine Chat

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