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Tabnine's private installation release notes

Learn about the recent releases of Tabnine.


June 25, 2024


  • Tabnine Chat Command Button shortcuts: Find button shortcuts for the Tabnine Chat text commands @ and / right below the chat input field.

  • Enable copy-paste for @mentions: From within the Tabnine Chat, you can now copy any @symbol string and paste it into the Tabnine Chat input to add the reference to your message.

  • IntelliJ support for @mention of a file: in addition to @mention of symbols, you can @mention entire files in IntelliJ.

Fixes and changes

  • Tabnine Chat now correctly uses @mentions of symbols that are not in your open file.


June 21, 2024


Fixes and changes

  • General bug fixes

  • Fixed frequent indexing failures

  • Fixed a bug in suggestion delay time (JetBrains plugin)


June 3, 2024


  • Fix issue where pods fail to start in certain setups


May 23, 2024


  • License settings and account utilization history Learn more

  • Team admin can see the users who are not assigned to a team Learn more

  • Improved audit logs Learn more

Fixes and changes

  • CSV report: Changed the Registered/Deactivated field in user_details.csv Learn more

  • Increase chat answer size to avoid truncated responses

  • Fix some workspace indexing bugs (limit workspace indexing; indexing some files takes too long)

v5.5.1, v5.5.2

April 30, 2024

  • Fixing bugs


April 25, 2024

  • Fixing bugs

  • Preparing for design partners.


April 21, 2024


  • Fix the issue where Tabnine Chat unintentionally taking focus away from Visual Studio Code.


April 18, 2024



April 9, 2024


Better handling for NFS files.


March 28, 2024


Tabnine Chat app doesn't load due to race condition.

v5.3.1 March 21, 2024

Additional features

  • We introduced a new settings section for Tabnine’s license key. Moved from the installation flow to the onboarding flow to avoid human errors, improve ease of use and flexibility, and improve the customer onboarding experience. Added notifications for license date expiration and seat limit exceeded.

  • The email invitation expiration time has been increased to 30 days from 14 days. We increased the expiration time to allow more time for onboarding. We also made it possible to custom change this value (currently only through values.yaml).

  • We made a few Chat updates:

    1. Added the option to include workspace in context and re-ask the last question.

    2. Chat now proposes follow-up questions.


March 13, 2024

Introduced a new settings section for Tabnine’s license key.

Additional features

  • Tabnine web application now has its version indication.

  • Email verification settings for invited users: This feature allows admins to turn on email verification for invitations from the web console, making the onboarding process more secure.

  • Email SMTP settings: This feature allows easier onboarding maintenance and administration of the customer environment. Customers can now add and edit their email SMTP server.

  • Self-registration onboarding: This feature allows users to self-register in the system without invitations and join a default team.

  • Context through local code awareness (code completions):

    This feature gives much better results for code completion.


  • Workspace awareness bug fixes for Windows

  • Sign-up issues

  • Users onboarding analytics issues

  • Various UI fixes

  • Pagination bug in the Users tab


February 21, 2024


  • Eclipse plugin updates, including Show diff, Mentions, Snooze code completions, and more

  • Completions model with reduced image size


  • Fix the bug in signing in with an auth token is not working

  • Reporting date skewing (due to browser locale date casting)


February 18, 2024

Announcing new, more highly personalized AI coding recommendations in Tabnine

This release includes another leap forward in the performance and capability of the Tabnine AI coding assistant: highly personalized recommendations for every developer through contextual awareness. Tabnine can deliver a more precise and personalized experience across all product features. Context awareness provides the subtle nuances that make a developer and organization unique. Tabnine achieves this context awareness in two ways:

  • Context through local code awareness: Tabnine can access locally available data in a developer’s IDE to provide more accurate and relevant results. Tabnine automatically identifies the relevant information and uses it as context to provide personalized results. Tabnine administrators can enable this feature for their organization in the admin console settings.

  • Connection to your software repository for global code awareness: Tabnine administrators can connect Tabnine to their organization’s code repositories, significantly increasing the context Tabnine uses across product features. This capability is currently in Private Preview for Tabnine Enterprise customers with on-premises or VPC deployments.

Mentions in Chat: Developers can help Tabnine focus on specific elements in the workspace through @mentions (using the @ symbol to tag unopened files, classes, or methods in Tabnine Chat). This feature is supported across Visual Studio Code, JetBrains IDEs, and Visual Studio 2022.

Improved test generation: Test generation now considers the structure of actual test files and identifies similar existing tests more effectively.

Additional features

  • New visual dashboard: Keep track of Tabnine's performance with a new visual dashboard tailored for team usage.

  • Accepting partial completions: Users can now partially accept completions on a line-by-line basis. (This feature is supported in Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IDEs.)

  • JetBrains extension

    • Expanded Code Lens support: Code Lens now supports GO, C/CPP, and C# languages.

  • Visual Studio 2022 extension

    • We upgraded the Chat extension to enable the latest features, including better context, local repository awareness, chat code mentioning, and rich diff-view for applying suggested snippets.

    • New status bar item and snooze button

    • Introduced Code Lens functionality

    • Enhanced proxy support: Better connectivity with extended proxy support


  • CSV reporting bug fixes

  • Minor chat bug fixes and improvements


February 11, 2024


  • Under-the-hood bug fixes.


January 30, 2024

Attention: 5.1.0 brings breaking changes. please refer to the upgrade guide before proceeding with upgrade.


  • Request and response size limits have been increased to accommodate large SAML responses.


  • Self Registration Mode: Users now have the option to sign up for the system and automatically join the default team. This feature can be toggled on or off based on preferences.

  • The email verification process for user/password mode is now customizable. It can be enabled or disabled as needed.

  • Administrators can now change their users’ passwords or send password reset links when operating in user/password mode.

  • SMTP configuration is no longer a mandatory requirement during installation, streamlining the setup process.


Tabnine's private installation's release notes


January 22, 2024 Fixes

  • Bug fix networkpolicy templating


January 15, 2024 Fixes

  • Bug fix in loading fine tuned model from external volume


January 3, 2024 Fixes

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements regarding chat behavior in VSCode plugin.


  • VSCode chat now delivers a single, concise response.

  • Reduced chat response latency in VSCode plugin

  • Improved chat monitoring via Tabnine's metrics dashboard provides valuable insights into chat performance and usage.


December 20, 2023 Fixes:

  • bug fixes in installation process.


December 19, 2023 Fixes

  • minor bug fixes in installation process and chat responses.


  • More focused and precise chat responses.

  • Introduced Code Lens functionality for JetBrains IDEs.

  • Introducing the capability to schedule periodic CSV reports via email, allowing users to customize timing and recipients according to their preferences.


December 7, 2023 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with trailing slashes in proxy definitions.

  • Fixed an issue reading configuration files in WSL environments.

  • Fixed a bug causing formatting issues in chat transcript (.tsx) files.

  • Improved synchronization between the binary and plugin for login and feature availability flows in JetBrains and VScode plugins.

  • Enhanced code completion suggestions in VScode by considering context from nearby files.

  • Improved markdown formatting in chat conversations.

  • Refined error handling for situations with empty responses.


  • Introduced code lens functionality for VScode.

  • Chat responses now prioritize information directly relevant to your question, minimizing irrelevant details and distractions.

  • Improved free text responses by leveraging context from nearby files.

  • Added a References box to chat responses, highlighting relevant code locations related to provided answers.

  • Implemented a non-strict invitation mode that allows for SSO email mismatches from invitations (configurable in settings).

  • Introduced Authentication token support to bypass login issues.

  • Chat now requires team membership for authorization.

  • Added a new report displaying user details such as team membership, activation status, identity validation, etc.

  • Enhanced reports with chat usage statistics.


November 22, 2023


  • Addressed minor issues and made enhancements to tabnine chat models and deployments.


November 20, 2023


  • Enhanced flexibility and expanded support for various deployment types and hardware configurations.


November 9, 2023


  • Introduced a new "Current Team" column in user reports, providing enhanced visibility into team affiliations.


  • Enhanced the precision of chat diffs functionality for Windows users, resulting in clearer and more readable code fixes.

  • Resolved a bug preventing login when switching between Single Sign-On (SSO) and built-in authentication (user/password) modes, and vice versa.

  • Resolved an infrequent issue where users were mistakenly displayed a "Not part of team" message after joining a team.

  • Improved user guidance by clearly indicating the requirement to sign in to access the chat.


November 7, 2023


  • Introduced a code "diff-view" for the fix_code chat action in Visual Studio Code and JetBrains.

  • Enhanced communication for cases where files are empty, or context lacking.

  • Introducing a "Snooze" button to temporarily disable code suggestions in JetBrains and Visual Studio Code.

  • Added the ability to edit team names via the admin console.

  • Provided an option to include identified users in reports, enhancing user data insights.


  • Enhanced and fixed issues regarding SSH & WSL setups in Visual Studio Code to improve the onboarding experience.

  • Resolved an issue causing faulty login indication in Visual Studio Code.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing intermittent freezing in IntelliJ IDEA for some users.

  • Addressed a 'chat intent' reporting issue, ensuring more accurate reporting.


October 30, 2023


  • Introducing new dashboards for monitoring system metrics and service monitoring


  • Addressed and fixed issues in tabnine's monitoring setup.


October 26, 2023


  • Improved email pattern validation when assigning users to a team.


October 26, 2023


  • Accelerated installation time, resulting in faster setup.

  • Reduced image size, optimizing resource usage.


October 25, 2023


  • Extended support for routing issues in VScode and JetBrains, including advanced proxy configurations and improved handling of certificates.

  • Enhanced suggestion context including open files and tabs for more profound and precise completions.

  • Improved the “Fix Code” chat action for better code correction, providing a more efficient and streamlined development experience.

  • Extended reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights into system performance.

    • Chat usage is now integrated throughout the reports, facilitating communication and collaboration.

    • Revised onboarding report for a smoother and more informative onboarding process.

  • Added a built-in option for logs aggregation inside the Tabnine server, simplifying troubleshooting and monitoring.


  1. Fixed a bug causing the downgrade of privileges when onboarding a new team through an invitation link or by admin assignment.


October 18, 2023


  • Chat model improvements and fixes.


October 17, 2023


  • Fixing SAML issue to allow different unique identifier format policy


October 3, 2023


  • Fixing an issue preventing invitation emails from being sent due to missing resource.


October 3, 2023


  • Fixing an issue related to unsecured SMTP connection configuration when using unauthenticated connections


September 26, 2023


  • Fixing Single Sign-On (SSO) SAML authentication issue related to Azure Active Directory specific authentication context handling. For more info: see here in MicroSoft official documentation.


September 21, 2023


  • Improved Tabnine service deployment strategy for enhanced performance.


September 20, 2023


  • Resolved bug related to unsecured SMTP connection configuration.


September 19, 2023


  • Introducing the new Tabnine Visual Studio 2022 plugin for self hosted environments, with full fledged functionality.

  • Improved Single Sign-On (SSO) features to facilitate SAML authentication context configuration.

  • Invitations are now obsolete: When adding a user, the admin chooses the team to which the user will be added.

    • Once added, users can signup directly (after downloading the plugin), with no need to click the email link.

    • Email notices were update according to new methodology.

  • Enhance chat context for more accurate and detailed chat responses.

  • New chat command: /workspace ask any question related to your current open workspace.

  • Incorporation of a Toxicity Filter to Mitigate the Use of Offensive Language.


  • Fixes and improvements to existing chat commands /fix-code, /explain-code and /generate-test-for-code.

  • Fixed an issue in JetBrains plugins causing RemoteUrl popup not to persist the url input to the settings.

  • Fixed an issue of a break in the onboarding flow using invite link, where user is required to click on the invite link again in case he had to signup while onboarding ('You are not part of any team' message).


September 11, 2023


  • Allow disabling the SMTP security upgrade functionality on demand

  • Fix random cases in which IntelliJ throws exception in while initializing due to race condition on userstate listener registration.


September 11, 2023


  • Allow disabling the SMTP security upgrade functionality on demand


September 11, 2023


  • Allow disabling the SMTP security upgrade functionality on demand


  • Fix random cases in which IntelliJ throws exception in while initializing due to race condition on userstate listener registration.


September 7, 2023


  • bug in Tabnine Chat on MacOS/Jetbrains IDEs causing IDE freeze when inserting chat suggested code.

  • Timeout errors during signup prevent successful login in slow connections.


September 7, 2023


  • bug in Tabnine Chat on MacOS/Jetbrains IDEs causing IDE freeze when inserting chat suggested code.

  • Timeout errors during signup prevent successful login in slow connections.


September 5, 2023


  • Added missing security headers on the root path


August 29, 2023


  • Deactivation of Organization Members by Admins:

    • Admins can now deactivate organization members.

    • Once deactivated, users will be automatically signed out from all devices.

    • Deactivated users won’t be able to sign in unless they are re-activated by an admin.

  • Updates to Team Assignments:

    • The option for users to select their own teams has been discontinued.

    • Organizational administrators will now manage user team assignments. This can be done either through email invitations or using team invite link.


August 25, 2023


  • We have updated VSCode plugin startup process validation, to allow running in a low performance environments (mainly due to network issues)

  • Fixed a bug in VSCode plugin during the installation process, that caused 'Tabnine Enterprise' in the status to indicate an error (red color) until the plugin is installed



  • Enhance chat with local context


  • Web App UI fixes



  • Fixed an issue that emerged as a result of breaking changes in the JetBrains Plugins SDK within the JetBrains 2023.2 release.



  • Adding support for email clients not supporting gradients in email body.


  • Fix Flickering in UI in app login screen




  • Harden cluster network policies for improved security


  • Fix JetBrains plugin custom repository issue, causing issues updating the plugin



  • Introducing self hosted chat(beta)

  • Chat utility reporting to reflect activation usage and retention.

  • Allows users to create the persistence layer locally within the Tabnine cluster.


  • Harden cluster network policies for improved security


  • Added recovery mechanism for cluster inter-module communication.



  • Enabled local user management (within the customer network), enhancing user authorization and security.

  • Support for multiple teams for better collaboration and management.

  • New admin console

  • Allow logs and metrics write to customer services.

  • Introducing local reporting functionality, including onboarding status, usage reports

  • Making telemetry to tabnine optional and off by default for better monitoring and customer reporting.

  • Full support for Eclipse, VSCode, and JetBrains IDE family, providing a secured and seamless experience across popular integrated development environments.


  • enhancing security and access control by Introducing authentication using built-in authentication (username & password) and SAML2/SSO


  • Enhanced plugin support for better onboarding.\

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