Start a team

To get the most out of Tabnine, we recommend that professional software developers use Tabnine as part of a team plan.

This provides the team with advanced premium features, while companies and dev leads benefit from centralized and controlled payment, user license management, and usage data.

The flows and capabilities of a Tabnine team are defined by the Tabnine plan as well as the type of deployment.

There are two options for using Tabnine as a team:

Starting a Tabnine Pro team

Tabnine Pro is ideal for smaller teams who still value privacy, personalization, and protection.

It's also a good way to evaluate Tabnine with one dev team within a larger R&D organization before moving to Tabnine Enterprise.

This plan includes:

  • Complete code privacy and enterprise-grade security

  • Code recommendations exclusively drawn from permissively licensed codebases

  • Personalized recommendations based on open projects in the IDE

  • Basic admin tools for user and policy management

  • Ticket-based support

Starting a Tabnine Enterprise team

Tabnine Enterprise is ideal for larger organizations.

This plan includes:

Tabnine Enterprise accounts can only be set up together with the Tabnine team.

Want to learn more about Tabnine Enterprise? Contact Sales.

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