Switching between chat AI models

Tabnine Chat users can switch between AI models

Tabnine offers proprietary models for Tabnine Chat which are private and hosted by Tabnine (Tabnine Protected and Tabnine+Mistral).

In addition, Tabnine Chat includes the option of using third-party models. The privacy policies and the protection offered by these third-party models may be different from the Tabnine models.

Different models perform differently and some models perform better in different situations.

However, each user may have different constraints for which model can be used for different use cases.


Tabnine Enterprise administrators control and specify the models that are available to their organization

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Tabnine gives you the insight you need to choose

Tabnine users can choose which chat model to use. This decision depends on the specific use case and constraints of each user, around these three main aspects:

  • Performance: Does the model provide accurate, relevant results for the programming languages and frameworks I’m working in right now?

  • Privacy: Does the model store my code or user data? Could my code or data be shared with third parties? Is my code used to train their model?

  • Protection: What code was the model trained on? Is it all legally licensed from the author? Will I create risks for my business by accepting generated code from a model trained on unlicensed repositories?

Learn more about the chat models' availability and tradeoffs.

Selecting and switching between chat models

In the Tabnine Chat tab, use the model selector to see the available AI models for Chat, understand the tradeoffs of privacy, protection, and performance, and choose the model that's relevant for you.

Tabnine Chat users can select and switch between chat models in real time.

For each answer, Tabnine indicates from which model this answer was drawn.

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