Tabnine's AI assists you in your day-to-day dev activities

Tabnine's AI assistance, installed as a plugin in your IDE, includes a combination of code completions and a coding assistance chat, which allow you to perform various software development tasks.

Code acceleration and code exploration

Tabnine can help you both in acceleration (allowing you to achieve your tasks faster) and in exploration (allowing you to collaborate with AI assistance toward designing a solution for your problem).

How to use Tabnine

Use code completions for more simple, small, or repetitive coding tasks, involving writing the next line/s of code.

Use Tabnine Chat for higher-level tasks, explaining to Tabnine Chat what you want it to do.

To get the best out of Tabnine, we recommend working with both. For example, you can ask Tabnine Chat to generate tests and add more use cases, and you can use code completions to make small changes or additions to the tests.

Use cases

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