Reviewing suggestions

How to review the Tabnine Chat suggestions

Once you get an answer from Tabnine Chat, review it. If you aren't satisfied with the answer, refine your original request with an alternative or a more specific prompt in the current or new session.

If you're happy with the response, you can add it to your code in one of the following ways.

Manual copy and paste

Copy the answer (or part of it) and paste it into the relevant location in your code:

Copy function

Click Copy, then paste the answer into the relevant location in your code:

Insert action

Click Insert to copy and insert the code into the open file with one click.

The code is pasted at the cursor location or inside the selected block:

Show diff

If the Chat answer is close enough to the current open file, a Show diff option appears. Click Show diff to see the specific change offered by Tabnine.

To paste the changes into the file, click Insert.

Diff insert is available in VS Code, JetBrains and Visual Studio 2022

In VS Code, you'll need to Accept each change inline:


If the context for local code awareness is enabled, by default the Tabnine chat tries to answer the user questions with context from the local workspace. When returning the answer to the user, Tabnine Chat is explicit about the context used to answer the question by including a list of references:

You can click each reference and get to the full code that was induced in the chat context.

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