Conversing with Tabnine Chat

Interactions with Tabnine Chat occur in conversations.

A conversation maintains the continuity of the context by using previous user prompts and chat replies as part of the context for your current prompt.

This allows the user to refine chat suggestions by providing more specific follow-up questions that leverage the previous steps.


  1. Use different conversations for different topics or problems to keep the AI focused.

  2. If you feel the chat answers become irrelevant after a few iterations, start a new conversation and continue your work there.

Start a new conversation

Begin a fresh conversation each time you switch topics, or if the answers you're receiving veer off course and adjusting your prompts doesn't help to realign the responses with your needs.

You can go back to the previous conversation at any time using the conversation history.

A new conversation window will be opened, with a clear conversation history (no previous questions or answers).

Clear the current conversation

Sometimes you want to start a new topic or start with a fresh context and the existing questions and answers in the current conversations are no longer relevant. In this case, it makes more sense to simply clear the current conversation context and start over.

The existing questions and answers in the current conversation will be deleted, and the context of the conversation will be reset.

Conversation history

You can always go back to previous conversations to refer to previous suggestions or to continue where you left off by viewing your conversation history.

The Chat history panel will open:

Click on any of the conversations in the list to go back to where you stopped, with the same conversation context as before.

At any point, you can delete your entire conversation history by clicking Clear all conversations.

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