Tabnine client installation guide

Install and activate the Tabnine plugin

Follow these steps to install and activate the Tabnine plugin in your IDE:

  1. Sign up or join a Tabnine team.

  2. Install Tabnine on your IDE (activate the plugin with your Tabnine user).

  3. Follow the Quickstart Guide and start using Tabnine.

Follow the right docs

The installation process is slightly different for a Tabnine SaaS and a Tabnine private installation.

We recommend following the Tabnine SaaS docs unless you were told by your team manager that your organization is using a private installation or you know your organization's private Tabnine Server URL.

1. Sign up or join a Tabnine team

You can either sign up to create a new user or activate your user after receiving an invitation to join a Tabnine team.

Sign up

If you're an individual developer or plan to start a Tabnine Pro team as an admin, sign up and create a new user.

If you signed up using your work email, follow the link you receive at that address to verify your account.

Join a Tabnine team

If you received an invitation to join a Tabnine team by email or by invitation link, you need to accept the invitation.

The steps to join a team are slightly different based on your organization's Tabnine plan (instructions should be provided in the email you receive):

Once you've accepted the invitation and joined your team on Tabnine, you need to install and activate the Tabnine plugin or extension in your IDE.

2. Install Tabnine in your IDE

Note: There's a difference between installing a Tabnine plugin for Tabnine SaaS (all Starter and Pro users, some Enterprise users) and a Tabnine plugin for private installation (some Enterprise customers).

You can install the Tabnine plugin in multiple IDEs.

3. Verify that the Tabnine plugin is activated with your user

Once you've installed the Tabnine plugin, make sure it's correctly activated:

Look for Tabnine Starter/Pro/Enterprise on the VS Code status bar:

You're all set and can now start using Tabnine!

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