Configuring scheduled CSV reports

You can schedule sending the CSV-based usage reports by email.


Your Tabnine private installation must have SMTP configuration in place.

Enabling schedule CSV-based usage report

  1. Go to the value.yaml file of your Tabnine private installation.

  2. Add the following analytics section to the values.yaml file. If you already have an analytics section, append the following content to the existing one. (Duplicated sections in the yaml file may result in unexpected behavior.)

    cronScheduling: 0 0 * * *
    enabled: true

enabled: True/false toggle of the scheduling of the report email.

cronScheduling : A cron timer representation of the recurrence of the report. In the above example, the email scheduling will be every day at midnight.

csvReportEmails : List of comma-separated emails of the report email recipients.

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