What is Tabnine?

Tabnine is the AI code assistant that accelerates and simplifies software development while keeping your code private, secure, and compliant.

Tabnine boosts engineering velocity, code quality, and developer happiness by automating the coding workflow through AI tools customized to your team. Tabnine supports more than 1 million developers across companies in every industry.

Unlike generic coding assistants, Tabnine is the AI that you control.

How Tabnine can help you code faster

Tabnine's AI assistance includes a combination of code completions and a chat interface that allows you to perform various software development tasks faster.

Some of the most common use cases of Tabnine include:

Tabnine for developers and managers

For developers

Get started
  1. Lastly, follow the quick start guide to learn how to start using Tabnine

You're done!

Take a look at a few demos of specific use cases for Tabnine.

Evaluate Tabnine for my company

The best way to evaluate Tabnine for a company would be to talk to one of Tabnine's sales experts.

However, if you want to first try it out for yourself, make sure you're evaluating the Tabnine experience that's best suited to you:

Get the most out of Tabnine
  1. Start with Tabnine's Quickstart guide

  2. For code completions, learn about the different completion types and how to best leverage completion context

  3. For Tabnine Chat, get some tips for prompt engineering, leveraging Tabnine's chat context, and chat conversations

  4. Get inspired by viewing demos of specific use cases for Tabnine

For dev managers

Learn about Tabnine's security, privacy, and compliance
  1. Tabnine's personalization and Tabnine models, which are trained on open-source code with permissive licenses

  2. IDEs and languages that are currently supported

  3. Tabnine Enterprise usage reports

Set up and administer a Tabnine team

Start a Tabnine team

Manage a team

Usage reporting (Enterprise)

Private installation (Enterprise)

Other topics

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