License settings

The license settings allow the team admin to do the following:

  • Set the license key of the account.

  • View the account license utilization history, per month.

License key and info

The admin can set or update the account license key in this section.

For the current license, the following information is shown:

  • The number of seats currently used and the total number of seats in the license

  • The expiration date of the current license.

Once your license is set, you can see the number of seats, its validity, and the number of seats used.

For any questions or issues, contact your account admin at Tabnine.

Account utilization history

Include the account utilization for the current as well as previous months:

The data for the current month is not final. The data for previous months is final.

Registered users (throughout the month)

The total number of different users who registered throughout the month, including users who were deactivated by the end of the month

Registered users (end of month)

The total number of registered users at the end of the month

Deactivated users (end of month)

The total number of deactivated users at the end of the month

Users with pending invitations (end of month)

The total number of invited users at the end of the month


At any given time, a user in the Tabnine system can be in one of these states:

Registered user: A user who has signed up to Tabnine and is not deleted at the moment. A registered user has access to Tabnine and takes a licensed seat.

Deactivated user: A previously registered user who has been deactivated by a team admin. Deactivated users don't have access to Tabnine and do not take a licensed seat.

Invited user (users with pending invitations): A user who has been invited by email to join Tabnine but has not yet accepted the invitation or signed up for Tabnine.

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