Tabnine private installation (light)

Use this quick installation guide to get started.


You need a license key to complete this installation.

Contact or contact sales now to get your trial license key.

Welcome to the Tabnine Enterprise private installation, where you can begin to experience the future of coding assistance. This streamlined setup process takes about an hour, but the reward is immeasurable: the ability to converse naturally with your code, unlocking deeper understanding and efficiency.

This guide will navigate you through the easy setup, empowering you to start chatting with your codebase in no time. Here's what you'll experience:

  • Context-aware code completion: Get intelligent suggestions tailored to your code's context and structure.

  • Live code analysis: Receive real-time feedback and error detection, making your code cleaner and more maintainable.

  • Natural language search: Ask questions about your code in plain English and get instant, clear answers.

  • Codebase exploration: Navigate and understand your codebase like never before through intuitive "conversations."

Remember, this is just the beginning. The evaluation (light installation) serves as a portal, showcasing the incredible power of Tabnine to transform your coding experience. As you delve deeper, advanced features will allow you to customize your interaction with your codebase and unlock deeper insights.

To understand the difference between a light installation and a full-fledged advanced installation, please review the following comparison:


Code completions

Tabnine Chat

Custom models







Basic standard flows





HW Flexibility

Kubernetes cluster

The evaluation (light) version of Tabnine can be installed on a VM on most widespread cloud providers:

System requirements

ProviderRecommendedOperating system


a2-highgpu-2g (diskspace: 512GB)

Ubuntu LTS. RHEL9 (coming soon)


g5.12xlarge* (diskspace: 512GB)

Ubuntu LTS. RHEL9 (coming soon)


Standard_NC48ads_A100_v4 (diskspace: 512GB)

Ubuntu LTS. RHEL9 (coming soon)

* A specific installation process is required for this setup

If the above options don't meet your available setups, please contact for guidance.

Installation process

The Tabnine installation should take about an hour.

Here's what you should prepare:


DNS record

Entry to be used for Tabnine

SSL certificate

A certificate to be used by your Tabnine server (including private key)

Connection to Tabnine Docker registry from the Tabnine server

Host: IP: Port: 443

Tabnine License and Registry credentials

Contact to get your trial license key and credentials

The installation process will include the following steps:

  1. Deployment of Tabnine over Kubernetes. (You'll be required to enter your Tabnine account details to perform the installation. Contact now to get your trial license key.)

  2. Install your favorite plugin (including VS Code, JetBrains family, Visual Studio 2022, and Eclipse) and onboard.

To proceed with the installation, refer to the light installation guide.

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