Set up a Tabnine Enterprise (SaaS) account

Important note for Tabnine Enterprise customers:

This section specifically refers to Tabnine Enterprise (SaaS) and is aimed at customers with a Secure SaaS setup.

If you're a Tabnine Enterprise customer with a private installation (VPC or on-premises), go here.

Interested in learning more about Tabnine Enterprise? Explore Tabnine's plans or contact sales.

Step 1: Tabnine creates your account

First, you need to provide your account manager at Tabnine with the following:

  • The email of the first team admin

  • The initial number of seats in the account (this can be increased at any stage)

Step 2: Activate your account

Once the account has been created by your account manager at Tabnine, the first team admin receives a welcome email with the account details, including the initial username and password.

In order to activate the account, the team admin should:

  1. Sign in to Tabnine using the initial username and password that were provided in the welcome email.

  1. Once signed in, an email verification is sent. Click the link in the email to verify the email.

  2. Change your password by signing out from Tabnine and then clicking Forgot Password.

Step 3: Build your team

  1. To onboard new users, invite your team members (and additional admins) to join Tabnine.

  2. Provide your team members with the following information on how to set up, activate, and start working with Tabnine:

  3. Work with your Tabnine account manager to train your team and organize a demo and kick-off session(s) for the team.

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