Join Tabnine team by link (member)

  1. Click the invitation line to Tabnine that was shared with you

  2. Fill your details in the sign up screen and click Create Account

You need to sign up with the same email domain of your orgnization's Tabnine account

  1. If you registered by work email, you will be redirected to the following screen. Go to your inbox and verify your email

  1. After you email is verified, you get to the following screen, with instruction on installing and activating Tabnine on your IDE(s) of choice:

You can go back to this screen any time by clicking on this link

  1. Follow these instructions to and setup and activate the Tabnine plugin on your IDE of choice

  2. After you install Tabnine and activate your IDE with your Tabnine account you will be directed to the screen:

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