Join your Tabnine team by invitation email (team member)

  1. You should receive a Welcome to Tabnine email from your team admin, inviting you to join the Tabnine team in your company. Click Join the team.

  2. The following screen opens with the email address of the invitation already populated. Complete the form with your name and desired password, and click Create Account.

You can sign up with your Github, Google, or Microsoft account if they have the same email address as the invitation.

  1. You should see the below screen, which includes instructions on installing and activating Tabnine in your IDE of choice:

You can go back to this screen at any time by clicking on this link.

  1. Follow these instructions to set up and activate the Tabnine plugin in your IDE of choice.

  2. Once you've installed and activated Tabnine in your IDE with your Tabnine account, you'll be redirected to this screen:

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