Manage your team

To view the status of team members at any time, the team admin can go to the Members page:

On this page, the team admin can view useful information regarding the team, including:

  • The total number of seats already used and how many seats are available

  • The number of team members

  • How active are team members and admins

  • How many pending invitations there are

  • The list of current team members, with their status and roles

The team admin can also:

Remove users from your team

  1. Go to the row of the relevant user.

  2. Click the Delete icon on the row of the user you want to remove.

Once removed, the user will be logged out from the IDE and will no longer be able to use Tabnine.

Assign users with member or admin roles

  1. Go to the row of the relevant user

  2. Click the Role column and set the role

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