Purchase Tabnine Pro

  1. Go to the Tabnine pricing page and under the Tabnine Pro column, click Start a free trial

  2. If you aren't yet logged into Tabnine, you'll see the below screen

  3. Sign up by filling in your details and clicking Create Account

If you've signed up using your work email, you receive an email verification request in your inbox. Click the link to verify the email.

  1. Next you'll see the Checkout page:

  1. Select the most relevant options:

    1. Users: Specify the number of users (seats) that you want to purchase. You can always add more users later.

    2. Billing Period: Monthly or yearly, per user.

    3. Payment method: Credit card or other.

    4. Billing email: By default, billing-related emails will be sent to the admin email, but you can override that option if you want these emails to be sent to a different billing email.

  2. Once you're done, review the amount and first billing date, and click Start free Tabnine Pro trial (for 90 days)

  3. Once your payment has gone through, you'll be taken to the admin console.

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