What's new? (February 2024)

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February 28, 2024

Get more highly personalized AI coding recommendations

Tabnine can now use the context of our users and enterprise customers to deliver more precise and more personalized recommendations for code generation, code explanations, and guidance, and for test and documentation generation.

You can increase Tabnine’s contextual awareness by making it aware of locally available data in your IDE (including variable types, comments, open files, and open projects). Additionally, you can enable Tabnine to focus on specific elements in the workspace through "mentions" — simply use the @ symbol to tag unopened files, classes, or methods directly into Tabnine Chat.

In addition, administrators can now connect Tabnine Enterprise to their organization’s code repositories (GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket), significantly increasing the context that’s available to Tabnine. With this enhanced context, Tabnine automatically identifies all the relevant information and uses it to provide precise results.

To achieve personalization, Tabnine uses retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) to provide the Tabnine AI coding assistant with knowledge of your organization’s specific characteristics and code. The personalization capabilities are available in Tabnine Pro and Tabnine Enterprise. Learn more

User-defined quick actions in Tabnine Chat

One of the most popular ways to interact with Tabnine Chat is through quick actions (a.k.a., "slash commands"), which are built-in commands that allow faster ways to launch common popular tasks, such as document, explain, or generate tests for a given code.

Now you can define your own custom quick actions, adding additional built-in commands that suit your specific needs and domain.

New features in Visual Studio 2022 and Eclipse

Following their introduction in Tabnine for VS Code and JetBrains, we're happy to add them to additional Tabnine plugins:

Visual Studio 2022


Partial code completions

It's now possible to accept part of Tabnine's code completions in two ways:

  • Line-by-line completions (VS Code and JetBrains)

  • Word-by-word completions (VS Code)

This is especially useful for multiline code completions when you need only the first part of the completion:

Visual usage report in Tabnine's private installation

A new visual usage report was added to the Tabnine management console for team admins in Tabnine's private installation. It adds more convenience to the team admin compared to the existing CSV-based usage report.

This report provides visual insights into the team members' onboarding status, usage volumes, and additional data.

The scope of the report is the last 30 days for the entire organization or for a specific team, and it's available on the admin level.

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