Adding and inviting users to Tabnine Pro

Only team admins can add more seats and invite users to a Tabnine Pro team.

The pricing of Tabnine Pro is per user, and new users can be invited based on available user seats.

If there are no available user seats, the admin needs to purchase more user seats.

Adding users to a Tabnine Pro Team

There are 3 ways to buy user seats for a Tabnine Pro team:

When an admin purchases Tabnine Pro for the first time, the admin can pre-purchase the required number of user seats:

The maximum number of user seats that can be purchased during checkout is 99. You can expand the team at a later stage by adding seats via one of the other two options.

Inviting users to a Tabnine Pro team

As an admin, your first step in onboarding users is to invite them to Tabnine. To begin, navigate to the Teams page in the admin console.


  1. Only admins can invite team members

  2. If you don't have available user seats in your team, add more users

  1. Go to the Members page and click Invite

  1. You'll see this popup:

  1. Add the email addresses of the individuals you'd like to invite. You can add multiple emails separated by a comma, and then click Add.

  1. The users will be added to the list of users to be invited. You can repeat this action, adding more users to the invite list.

  1. Assign a team role for each user: Member or Admin.

  1. Once you're done, click Invite X Members, and the invitations will be sent via email to the invited team members.

  2. The invited users will be added to the team. Their status is "pending" until the invitation is accepted.

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