What's new? (March 2024)

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March 28, 2024

Introducing the Onboarding Agent for Tabnine Chat

Our latest feature helps developers quickly familiarize themselves with unfamiliar projects by providing instant access to essential project information within their IDE — including runnable scripts, dependencies, and overall structure — to help them get up to speed effortlessly.

The Onboarding Agent is currently available for Tabnine Chat users with a SaaS deployment and is compatible with all IDEs supporting Tabnine Chat.

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Follow-up questions

Tabnine Chat now makes your coding experience even smoother with the new “Followup Questions” feature. This feature suggests follow-up questions after every answer you receive from Tabnine Chat. It's like having an intelligent coding partner who anticipates your next move, ensuring a seamless flow of ideas and solutions.

Every answer from Tabnine will include follow-up questions automatically suggested by Tabnine. This creates a fluent experience and is especially helpful for new users of Tabnine.

The Followup Questions is currently available for Tabnine Chat users with a SaaS deployment, and is compatible with all IDEs supporting Tabnine Chat.

Regenerate Chat answers with/without personalization

Every answer from Tabnine generated with context will include the option to repeat the response without context. Note that the additional answer doesn't replace the previous answer but is added to it, so the user can easily switch between the original response and the one with excluded context. This feature also works if you start with the workspace indicator disabled by suggesting to regenerate another response with context.

The follow-up questions feature is available for all Tabnine Chat users in Pro and Enterprise, in SaaS and private installation.

March 13, 2024

New capabilities for team admins in Tabnine's private installation

Configure SMTP with ease

Tabnine relies on SMTP to send various internal emails. These include emails for user invitations, password reset, and email verification. The team admin can now configure SMTP directly in the Tabnine console UI as part of the new Email settings.

Option for smoother onboarding for team members:

  • Admins can opt for smoother team onboarding by skipping the email verification step for new team members as part of the new Email settings.

  • Admins can enable users to self-register to Tabnine. This configuration controls whether or not users in the organization can self-register to Tabnine as part of the default team and start working immediately. This option is part of the new General settings.

Reset user password

The team admin can now reset the password of a team member.

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