Using an authentication token

Sign in to the Tabnine plugin using an authentication token

For some IDE setups, it's not possible to activate the Tabnine plugin via the regular flow.

This includes setups such as Remote SSH, Docker, or WSL where the browser isn't available on the remote machine.

In these cases, you can activate the Tabnine plugin by signing in using an authentication token.

  1. Open the Command Pallet.

  2. Run: Tabnine: Sign in using auth token

  1. The following popup will appear:

  1. If you already have an authentication token, click Sign in and skip to the relevant step below.

  2. If you don't already have a token, click Get auth token.

  3. The browser will open with the following screen for signing up, which includes a secret personal authentication token:

  1. Copy the token and go back to your IDE.

  2. Paste your authentication token in the following popup and click Enter:

If you're using Tabnine Pro or Tabnine Enterprise, you'll see the relevant Tabnine logo on your status bar.

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