Onboarding to a project

Onboarding Agent is part of Tabnine Chat. It helps developers onboard to a project they're not familiar with and reduces the "time to productive work." It streamlines the exploration process and offers a clear map of the project's structure, dependencies, and other critical elements directly within the development environment.

The Onboarding Agent is a built-in quick action in Tabnine Chat that users can invoke when starting a conversation (aka, empty state) or by using /onboarding in the Tabnine Chat prompt. Tabnine Chat then returns a high-level summary of the key elements of the project, including things like runnable scripts, key dependencies, and overall structure.

In addition to this summary, the Onboarding Agent also suggests possible follow-up questions about this summary, allowing the developer to dive further into the relevant information for their current task.

Using Tabnine Chat, users can onboard to a new project much faster while reducing the load on their experienced colleagues, who will spend less time helping the new teammates onboard.

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