Configuring SMTP (Obsolete)


Since version 5.3.0, the SMTP configuration is done by the team admin in the Tabnine console.

When upgrading from older versions to version 5.3.0 or higher, the values in the existing YAML file will be migrated once to your installation.

Tabnine relies on SMTP to send various internal emails. These include:

  • User invitations: Notify users when they're invited to join Tabnine and assign them to specific teams.

  • Password reset emails: Enable users to self-service password resets through the "forgot password" flow.

  • Email verification emails: Confirm user identities when they use the username/password login method and email verification is required.

Configure SMTP in Tabnine installation YAML

Activate email communication in your Tabnine server by integrating with an SMTP server. Follow these steps:

  1. Edit the values.yaml file: Locate and open this file on your system.

  2. Add a new section: Under the existing global section within the file, create a new section named "smtp."

  3. Configure your SMTP details: Within the smtp section, add the following entries:

port: (Number) Specify the port your SMTP service uses (e.g., 587 for STARTTLS).

ip: (String) Provide the IP address of your SMTP server.

host: (String) Enter the hostname used by your SMTP server.

emailFromField: (String) Set the email address that will appear as the "From" sender for Tabnine emails (ensure this address exists on your SMTP server).​

global: # existing section
   port: 25

Advanced SMTP configuration

This section addresses scenarios where your SMTP server requires additional configuration beyond the standard settings.

User password authentication

If your SMTP server requires user authentication, you'll need to add the following information to the smtp section within your values.yaml file:

global: # existing section
 smtp: # existing section
     user: <<username>>
     pass: <<password>>   


  • Replace <<username>> and <<password>> with your actual credentials.

  • Ensure these credentials have the necessary permissions to send emails on behalf of Tabnine.

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